🔦Can I write your story?

If you’re a brand that has planet Earth as a stakeholder, I would love to cover your story.

It’s completely FREE!

Just send it to me at naman.bajaj@notmyproblem.earth, mentioning the following-

  • What’s the problem that you’re solving? (1-2 sentences)

  • What’s your solution? (3-4 sentences)

  • Some relevant images (preferably in jpeg)

  • Your brand’s logo (preferably in jpeg)

  • Link to your website

We’ll take it from there😊

My only filter is this- you should be a brand working towards improving the state of the planet and humanity.🌍

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📈 Looking to revamp your content strategy?

Let’s talk… I would love to help you with your blogs, articles, newsletters and white papers.

I can research and write them for you. And then repurpose its content for your social media handles.

Disclaimer- I don’t know how to make reels, sorry!

My filter remains the same- your brand should have planet 🌍 as a stakeholder.

I'm interested

At this point, you might be asking yourself-

🤷🏽‍♀️ Is he the right person to work with?

Well, if you haven’t gotten a chance to read my story, here it is.

And for your earlier question, I have a 3-part answer-

🌿 I am living the lifestyle- I am an aspiring vegan (still trying to get rid of milk-based sweets), living a car-free lifestyle (that too in North America), and trying to move to a minimalist lifestyle ( I am a big proponent of degrowth). All the content that I write is a mix of primary experiences and secondary research.

🥱 I love to do the boring stuff- I’ve spent a lot of my professional life in operations management. Processes come naturally to me. And content creation is a process-oriented game. You need to show up regularly- nothing fancy here. Just the old boring stuff of showing up every day. And I somehow love doing that.

🖊️I’ve been doing this for the last 2 years- I’ve written 100+ editions of Not My Problem in the last 2 years, capturing 250+ startup stories. Apart from enhancing my writing muscle, with every edition, I’ve learned more about the problems plaguing our planet and the solutions being built around them.

And if you’re looking for some portfolio work, I’ve written newsletters for 100k+ subscribers for Livekindly. Here are some of the latest editions-

If that sounds convincing and you would like to explore working together, how about starting with a short call? Won’t cost you anything 😊

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✔️One last thing

If you’re a founder of a sustainability-focused brand and are looking to write more on LinkedIn, I can help you with that.

Writing there every day has helped me understand the platform better, so you won’t have to go through the same journey.

Feel free to reach out if you’re interested.

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